Gabby Side Chair


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Imagine a chair that carries a story. Gabby isn’t just a chair; she’s a tale from the Golden State. A gentle nod to California’s easy breezes, she brings a pinch of coastal class, whether you’re dining, working, or simply existing. Gabby whispers tales of sunny days and wine country evenings. With each curve and texture, she’s a chapter of California’s heart, ready to become a part of your narrative. So, where will you take her story?

In stock


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  • Raw Beauty: Every inch is expertly crafted from Asian hardwood solids, caressed by fabric and foam. Feel Gabby’s embrace, reminding you of sunlit piers and almond orchards.
  • Eternal Wood: Gabby is rooted in kiln-dried wood, resistant to life’s little mischiefs like warping or mildew. She’s here for the long tales and the fleeting moments.
  • Comfort’s Canvas: Her upholstered seat and the embrace of an ergonomically sculpted back are more than just aesthetics; they’re an invitation to luxury.
  • Sturdy Stories: Mortise-and-tenon joinery and corner blocks ensure Gabby isn’t just a pretty face. She stands the test of time, her integrity unmatched.
  • Flowing Foundations: Solid wood legs, rounded and reminiscent of the West Coast’s endless horizon, offer unyielding support with an eternal allure.
  • Floors’ Best Friend: Those dainty plastic glides? They ensure your floors remain as pristine as the first day you met.
  • Versatile Vignette: Gabby thrives anywhere. Dining? Check. Office? Perfect. Living space? She was made for it.
  • Artisan Touch: Hand-stained in a multi-step washed oak finish, Gabby reveals the secrets of the wood – its natural grain, its knots, its tales.
  • Reliable Embrace: With a weight capacity of 250 lb, lean back into her sturdy embrace, knowing she’s got your back.
  • Simplicity’s Song: Setting her up is a breeze, with every tool included. Let Gabby’s story become yours, effortlessly.

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Weight 45.64 lbs
Dimensions 41.5 × 23 × 14 in
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