Gabby Console


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You’ve felt it, haven’t you? That ever-present pull to the carefree vibes of the West Coast. Let your home breathe in the same air with our California-casual inspired Console. Perfect for those dining or living corners yearning for a touch of airy sophistication. In the heart of every piece, a story waits to be told. Dive into the elegantly casual dream with a console that’s as fresh as the Pacific breeze and as timeless as the sun setting over Big Sur. This isn’t just furniture; it’s an emotion, a lifestyle, a whisper of the golden state.

In stock


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  • Authentic Materials: Crafted with love from oak veneers, sturdy Asian hardwoods, and dependable engineered woods. Our kiln-dried treatment ensures they won’t succumb to life’s little cracks and twists.
  • Sleek Design Elements: Embrace fluidity with tubular legs, soft corners, and minimalist fronts. Let your space be the art.
  • Contrasting Accents: Electro-static coated black hardware? A contrasting siren in a sea of washed oak, calling attention yet blending seamlessly.
  • Customization at Heart: Two adjustable shelves, because your storage needs are unique and ever-evolving. Your space, your rules.
  • Graceful Usability: Concealed European hinges and metal side drawer glides marry functionality with finesse. Experience smooth, quiet transitions in every use.
  • Safety First: Soft-close doors? Check. Safety stop drawers? Check. And with our anti-tip hardware kit, take confidence in an extra layer of protection. Protect your treasures and little adventurers alike.
  • Delicate Details: A felt-lined top drawer whispers care to your cherished items. Your valuables deserve a soft embrace.
  • Stable Foundations: With adjustable levelers, wobbly surfaces are tales of yore. Let your console stand tall and proud.
  • Weighty Matters: Boasting a weight capacity of 175 lb, rest easy knowing this beauty doesn’t just float on dreams; she’s anchored in strength.
  • Hassle-Free Set-up: Delivered fully assembled. Just attach the hardware and anti-tipping kit, and you’re ready to revel in coastal elegance.

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Weight 174.8 lbs
Dimensions 56.5 × 40 × 20 in
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