Zara RAF Dual-Power Chofa, Pumice

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Modern motion in a configurable dual-power chaise set, Zara combines clean lines with decadent comfort in a Right-facing configuration. Guests will think this is a stationary Chaise with its inside arm control panel and contemporary lines, but the real treat comes at the touch of a button when both ends of the group go into motion.

Product Quantity

Zara RAF Chaise, Pumice

$1,150.00 each

In stock

Zara LAF Dual-Power Loveseat, Pumice

$1,377.70 each

In stock

Product Type: bundle

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  • Outside seat features a power headrest and power footrest, Chaise features power reclining back and power articulating headrest
  • Inside seat features storage back
  • Pumice Fabric

Additional information

Zara RAF Chaise, Pumice

Weight 147 lbs
Dimensions 39.5 × 71 × 29.5 in

Zara LAF Dual-Power Loveseat, Pumice

Weight 194 lbs
Dimensions 70.5 × 41 × 29.5 in


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