Katrine 3-Piece Manual Motion Set, Brown
(Sofa, Loveseat & Chair)

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The Katrine 3-Piece Reclining Set showcases the best in manual motion upholstery with this stylish ensemble. Sofa, Loveseat and Chair are covered in a luxurious chestnut brown faux-leather that features baseball stitching, padded armrests and a raised, padded headrest that ensure a comfortable view and seat even when fully reclined. All seats are reclined with a quick pull of the outside lever.

Product Quantity

Katrine Manual Recliner, Brown

$549.70 each

In stock

Katrine Manual Reclining Loveseat, Brown

$825.70 each

In stock

Katrine Manual Reclining Sofa, Brown

$871.70 each

In stock

Product Type: bundle

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  • Constructed of extra padded faux-leather cover
  • Sinuous spring construction on seat and back
  • Fiber encased foam seat with coil spring seat
  • Raised, shaped headrest keeps head elevated even in a full recline position
  • Outside seats of Sofa and Loveseat fully recline with the pull of a lever
  • 3-Pieces seat a large crowd
  • Manual motion mechanism on the outside arm of the recliner
  • Chestnut brown color
  • Also available in charcoal color

Additional information

Katrine Manual Recliner, Brown

Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 30.25 × 26 in

Katrine Manual Reclining Loveseat, Brown

Weight 153 lbs
Dimensions 61.25 × 30.5 × 25.75 in


Fabric Content:

100% Polyester

Katrine Manual Reclining Sofa, Brown

Weight 198 lbs
Dimensions 82.5 × 30.25 × 26 in

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