Gabby 60-78 inch Dining Table w/ 18-inch leaf


Allow me to craft a moment. Picture a quiet supper beneath fairy light’s delicate glow, whispers and laughter creating an enchanting symphony. At this tableau’s heart, sits Gabby. More than a mere table, she spans 60 inches but gracefully extends to 78 with her inclusive leaf, making room for up to six shared tales and plates. Gabby isn’t simply a place for plates and glasses; she’s a canvas for memories, a stage for countless stories yet to unfold. With her in your abode, you’re not merely adding a piece of furniture. You’re embracing narratives, Californian sunsets, and countless golden moments. And as twilight deepens and the day’s final light dances on Gabby’s surface, one realization stands clear: here, every supper transcends the act of dining; it becomes a cherished experience.


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  • Eternal Artistry: Meticulously sourced from oak veneers, robust Asian hardwoods, and reliable engineered woods, Gabby’s heart is both enduring and ethereal. The kiln-dried approach promises resistance to warping, mildew, and time’s little tests.
  • From Intimate to Inclusive: Gabby’s charm begins at a cozy 60 inches but effortlessly extends to 78 inches. With her 18-inch leaf, she seamlessly transforms, making space for up to six guests, more laughter, and shared moments.
  • Essence of the Coast: Gabby’s beauty lies in her details. Tubular legs, rounded edges, and the soft flow of her form echo the gentle waves of the Pacific. With Gabby, we’ve interwoven California’s casual essence into every grain, crafting airy sophistication with every glance.
  • Foundation of Dreams: Dual stretchers don’t just support; they promise longevity, stability, and countless shared moments around Gabby’s embrace.
  • Steadfast Stance: Solid wood legs pledge an unwavering foundation. With Gabby, every meal is anchored in elegance.
  • Balance in All Things: Adjustable levelers ensure Gabby stands poised, even when the ground beneath isn’t quite so.
  • Nature’s Canvas: Gabby’s surface, hand-stained in a washed oak finish, sings songs of nature’s grain, its whispers, and its whims.
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